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About Bahar Agro-Ventures Ltd.

BAHAR Agro-Ventures Ltd. (BAVL) is a Central America based agribusiness company engaged in high value agricultural and agro-forestry projects that are customized to be profitable yet sustainable and sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the local population, eco-system and natural resources.
We are an agribusiness company solely investing in agriculture, forestry and horticulture production and farmland in the Central & South American countries. By producing high value tropical & subtropical crops yielding FUEL, FEED, FOOD, FIBERS, FRUITS, FLAVORS, FLOWERS, FOREST PRODUCTS and FRAGRANCE in a low cost environment and selling them on the world-wide market, we aim for providing our investors sustainable returns for distribution as annual dividends or equity depending on nature of investment.
Our Company

BAVL is a startup company floated by a group of professionals with decades of direct international experience in tropical Agriculture / Horticulture and related fields.  By employing proven technical & science-based logical approach garnered from throughout the world and fine-tuned to suit the local conditions, we aim to be one of the leading agribusinesses in Central America. The initial phase involves developing 10,000 acres of agricultural land in first 3-5 years of our operations and then incrementally increasing to 30,000 acres in 5-7 years.


Core to our strategy is identifying high-value tropical and subtropical crops that have multiple end uses that are high in demand internationally and are able to be produced in a sustainable manner, thus providing multi-stream solid returns .  We, in partnership with our technical partners from tropical Asia, will introduce exotic high-value agricultural, forestry, bioenergy, oil and horticultural crops, farming systems, proven technologies and know-how to position ourselves closer to end users in the USA, Canada and the EU markets. 


We believe that success should be all-inclusive and shared with the local population by offering education, training and job opportunities - therefore contributing to the socio-economic fabric of the country we operate in. With this philosophy in mind, we take great pride in our work approach, people we employ and do business with, and in our knowledge of agribusiness and understandings of the current and future demands of agricultural commodities & value-added products. We aim to establish a thriving and diverse agribusiness venture by deploying and practicing best management practices & proven agro-technical processes, such as business transparency & honesty as well as a respect for the rule of law and business ethics.

Environment & Sustainability

We strive to be socially responsible to all the environments in which we operate - to build strong, reliable relationships and to generate solid profit for shareholders throughout sustainable projects in agricultural investments. We are of the firm belief that investment in sustainable agribusiness is the only investment that has a future in the agriculture sector. We accept that the only viable way to attract adequate investment capital in order to restore and maintain global health is to ensure that agribusiness projects are planned with sustainability as its core value. We believe it is possible to generate solid returns, capital wealth, and environmental protection at the same time.

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